Love Languages

Peacock Poetry

Android and I speak different love languages and so at times some translation is required! Whilst we will never be completely fluent in each other’s languages, we are constantly learning and I so appreciate the countless, selfless, daily practical ways in which he demonstrates his love.

Love Act-ually

You teach me that love is a verb

Not platitudes or empty words

Not promises or things we say

That through our actions love’s conveyed

You show me love is not semantics

and though this can feel unromantic

I hear your truth, your good intent

No love is not just sentiment

For through your acts you demonstrate

A love of gravitas and weight

that no one ever showed before

and I trust you right to the core

Although steep is this learning curve

(This poetess gets high on words!)

Deep down your message I have heard

You teach me that love is…

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