Physical Elements

Peacock Poetry

Maybe it’s the Brit in me but I do love a good old jog in the rain. Something about being out in the elements seems to get me out of my head and into my physical experience quickly and I so love that! Today’s poem was written after a rejuvenating jog in the rain and here’s to many more to come!

Raining Champions

The rain flecked down like inky pens

Upon the tarmac court

The elements; my faithful friends

My peace when time is short

To jog in showers, brings newfound power

The drops of life reviving

The thought of storms makes some folk cower

I find the force enlivening

Don’t stay indoors when raindrops pour

Your brolly’s all that’s needed!

Let natures tears seep in your pores

Feel freshness unimpeded

The wet and windy times are when

I get what I’ve most sought

The elements; my faithful friends


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