Trains of Thought

Peacock Poetry

A change really is as good as a rest sometimes and our jaunt down to Interlaken one Saturday reaffirmed my belief in this good old saying! After finishing off a few to-do items on the train, I tuned into some chill out music and watched the world go by, hypnotised by the passing scenery. Within no time I was in a much more present state and this continued as we admired the stunning views whilst walking around the Brienzersee.


This train is Interlaken bound

The clouds outside are shivering

My AirPods play relaxing sounds

The hairs on my back; quivering

Past fields we drift and my thoughts shift into a place more centred

To gain some distance is a gift

Perspective life’s best mentor

As our thighs meet upon the seat

I’m grateful that your with me

Upon the ground your loyal feet

Each day so much you give…

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