Divine Signs

Peacock Poetry

In recent weeks I have been finding a lot of feathers on my daily walks. One day a feather was gently floating down beside me and I had the sudden urge to grab it. I stopped myself though as I realised that this feather was inviting me to watch it’s slow, graceful landing and encouraging me to be a little gentler with myself in the process. Nature’s signs are always divine. At least in my book!

River Download

I saw a feather softly land upon the river lane

I longed to catch it in my hand yet somehow I restrained

To watch it drift made my heart shift into a place receptive

For waiting bears enormous gifts, our urgency’s deceptive

There’s some that say, signs on the way, like feathers fortune speak of

that when we our attention pay, we find more what we seek of

The energy in which…

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