The Truth be Told

Peacock Poetry

I read in a recent book about Tantra that the truth is erotic and I really love that idea! When we speak to what is really going on for us and how we really feel, we are naturally magnetic. Our real-ness allows other to see their own and this is exceptionally powerful. Last year I learned how to speak my truth on a different level and the response blew me away. What is really going on for you?

If you’d like to explore your Truth in an empowering coaching session, email me to talk further.

Truth Telling

Speaking truth empowers us

It sets our hearts in motion

What we repress devours us

Give voice to your emotion

When we play parts, we cannot grow

Our souls are in stagnation

When we let go, let our words flow

There’s healing liberation

To show up as we truly are

deep down…

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