eyes closed

A Writer's Soul

Eyes closed,
The room is mine once again,
I begin to sway,
J jump to a beat that exists only in my head,
And I’m so carefree,
It’s amazing,
I laughing, I jump around without a care,
And smile because no knows the lyrics I’m singing,
It’s mine and mine alone,
And isn’t that something?
To have and hold the one thing that’s yours alone in this socialized world?
I’m high, drunk, hooked on something,
Because I know I can’t feel this without some kind of amplifier,
I need it,
Because I can’t know this kind of joy without a reason in todays world
Nothing is ever free now,
So I stumble as the beat skips a beat, the lyrics begin to mumble and scratch at my ears,
Eyes closed,
Its time for my daily dose,
And I’m jumping and laughing at the needle digs its way into my veins,

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