I Call Her Lisa

I am just sitting in a chair either at a table or just somewhere in the room.  Other times, I am either standing around or just taking a little walk.  No matter where I am or what I am doing, I am completely awestruck every time she is around.  Now you are probably wondering who ‘she’ is.  Let me tell you about her.

As I look around, I see her, and I am hypnotized by her shiny, bright, smiling face that outshines the stars.  Her lovely dark eyes literally look upon me as I am completely stunned by her excellent beauty.  Her long, beautify, black, curly hair flows down her head like a free-flowing waterfall onto her shoulders.  Her lovely smile literally takes you to a place that is far beyond your greatest reach.  Her very presence lightens up everything that she is near.

She comes around dressed in dark clothing.  You will either see her in a dark red or black sweater, dark blouse, or dark shirt that will go with her black pants or her dark blue jeans that flow down upon her black shoes.

Being a woman of great beauty is just a small characteristic.  She is constantly optimistic even when optimism is not an option.  She is that person who believes that it can be done even though things appears murky.  She uses her optimism to energize those around her.  She does everything she can to try to support and encourage other people who are doing the same thing.

There are those times when she is under fire.  Many times, we have been to dinner.  During this time, somebody will get furiously outraged about something whether it’s about war or a current situation.  She responds to the outraged person gracefully with very soft words even as the angered person continues in their fury, and she even offers encouragement to them.  She is constantly looking at the bright side of life.  She does whatever she can do to not let an overly tense situation get more out of control than what it already is.

When she goes to the movies, she always looks at films that are encouraging, and she is always pushing those films that impose positive values and films that are highly praised by critics.  There was one time where she tried to get us to go see a movie that was being overly praised by movie critics.  The problem was that nobody else wanted to see it for the fact that it was a movie that nobody wanted to watch.  She nagged us constantly to get us to see it, but she would not be successful in the end.

A woman who is beautiful, caring, loving, kind, good natured, positive, encouraging, and optimistic all in times that are good and times that are not so good.  You could also call her a perfect  woman, but I have not taken the time to mention her low points, but, then again, for a woman who looks at what is the best in others, I thought that I could show the best of her.  I have come here today to show you the woman that I call Lisa.

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