Berks Military History Museum, Mohnton, Pennsylvania

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad

The Official Sign of the Museum Next to the Marines Only Parking Sign

The town of Mohnton, Pennsylvania is a small town situated south of the city of Reading.  In this town, you will find an old yellow building.  This old yellow building was once a place where a man named Cyrus Hornberger built carriages.  When you visit this building today, you will not see carriages.  You will see a great collection of military artifacts and memorabilia as it now houses the Berks Military History Museum.  The museum tells the history of the United States Military from the American Revolutionary War and the War of Independence to the wars America fights today.  During your visit, you will see a display of the Holocaust and get a feel of how the Jewish people were tortured and murdered by the Nazis.  They also preserved the original blacksmith shop from the carriage factory. …

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