Loving You

Peacock Poetry

Self-Love first is a buzz phrase and one that is often accompanied by an unspoken layer of judgment. But it really is o.k and, I would argue, highly necessary that we love ourselves before anything else. When we love ourselves unconditionally, we are able to offer those around us so much more. We are our own best resource and have a duty of care towards ourselves. How are you with self-love?

One Love

One of the biggest acts of love

we give, is to ourselves

For love is not just two-way stuff

Go stack your inner shelves

We can decide to open wide

to our own source whenever

We rise when we stay on our side

Self-love can wear all weathers

How would it be to treat yourself

compassionate and sweetly?

To not depend on someone else

To care about you deeply?

We’re worthy of our praise and thanks


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