Love on the 1218

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad

A lady was sitting on her deck that was next to a railroad line.  She was looking through a book of photos taken by Ogle Winston Link.  She came to a page where there was a photo of the Norfolk and Western Railway Number 1218.

The was the toot of a whistle.

She looked up and saw the Number 1218 on the tracks next to her deck.

“Hey!” said the engineer.  “Do you need a ride?”

She thought for a moment.  “Sure!”

She climbed about the 1218.  The engineer tooted the whistle, and they were off.

They were rolling down the line passing over hills, rolling through towns, passing by stations, passing through tunnels, rolling over trestles, and tooting the horn the entire way.

They returned to the house.  “I do not need to be home.”

The engineer tooted the horn, and they went on again.  They returned to the…

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