As we are

Peacock Poetry

This morning I am grateful for Inner Leadership and the amazing journey I went on with my Iguana Tribe. In fact we graduated from the programme one year ago yesterday and the learning is still landing! Some of my many take-aways were…

– asking for help builds connection and gives others the chance to truly be there for us

– staying through challenging emotions enables them to shift

– sharing courageous vulnerability creates connection

– showing up fully and unapologetically allows others to do the same

How are you today?


If the answer to “How are you?” is “I’m struggling”

then please don’t ever feel you must pretend

There are so many plates that we’re all juggling

we help ourselves by reaching out to friends

We are in a pandemic and we’re fragile

We’re learning as we go along these days

When we speak to our emotions we’re more…

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