Robins Foraging and Memories

Rum and Robots

Poem by Joni Caggiano 02/01/21 – Photo by Jakob Owens – Unsplash

slicing my feet with memories sticking between my tiny toes
cold earth with her crackling leaves of brown and red
stuck in cotton and tobacco fields with memories he knows

leaves dancing in the sun while moist soil summons the birds
eating worms drowning in the water beneath the cover
same place you unearthed me, shaking, no ears for my words

closing my eyes, listening to the robins’ chorus as they do feast
standing on God’s earth, I find my strength, standing tall
years bounce like silly putty, hula hoops, and also you, my beast

washing, a sponge saturated with grief wringing her out like spit
firmly I grow roots sprouting from small but sturdy feet
my spirit dancing now with robins as an angel flies along for a bit

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