South African Sea Forest

Rum and Robots

Poem by Joni Caggiano on 1/30/21 – Photo by Pia from Pexels

three hearts you own a kindred spirit of the sea
painting with ink, you soar
disguising you float
oh octopus
in shadowlands

the new world hides you safely among the kelp
calming the blustery current
mist moves like a widow
In shadowlands

newborn jellyfish dance agilely in cobalt waters
soothing souls with dance
glass bodies shifting
in shadowlands

raindrops hit blue water with persistence
popping back into the air
blowing her spray
in shadowlands

the sea at the end of this aquatic world
a life of dazzling jewels
a world still clean
in shadowlands

This poem was inspired by a documentary that lovely Katy Boyer from Foresting365 told me about. It may be why she painted that gorgeous octopus which can be seen on her site. The documentary can be seen on Netflix and…

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