Peacock Poetry

I am often ask where I get all my ideas for my poetry from. There are many answers to this question. Nature is a huge inspiration and half of the time I feel like I’m just channeling a message that wants to come through me. On a lighter note though, I will admit that many a poetic theme takes shape whilst beneath the soapy suds of my shower! As the warm water flows, so do the ideas and I often grab my phone on exiting the shower to capture the rhyme that has started to take shape in my freshly scrubbed swede!

Pouring Forth

It might seem an unlikely hour

But my ideas come in the shower!

Often under hot soap-water

Inspiration, I have caught her!

When I inhale my shower gel

Imagination casts its spell

and as I scrub and shave my legs

An inner mind-map seems to beg!

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