Inquisitive Creatures

Peacock Poetry

One of our greatest challenges is to witness our life experiences through open eyes. All too often we label what we are living as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and then heap unhelpful layers of self-judgment onto the ‘negative’ events.

When we choose to perceive our circumstances through the lens of curiosity, we open a greater sense of possibility. There is more room for manoeuvre and a greater sense of Freedom arises.

What are you curious about at the moment?

Eager Beavers

When we see life with openness

It’s hard to get too furious

The part that helps us cope in us

lights up when we are curious

The more we see, the more we’re free

to come from fresh perspectives

decisions come more easily

Our souls more wise detectives

There’s always far more scope in us

When we look for the glorious

The part that helps us cope in us


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