Davy Boy and Goliath

This is the story of a little boy known as Davy Boy and a big giant known as Goliath.

In was in a big open field.  The great brave valiant soldiers of Israel in full armor were scared to death shaking in the boots as they were looking at a huge giant in solid steel armor standing high over them looking down upon them ready to stomp on them.

Meanwhile, the Philistine army was standing behind them mocking the great brave valiant men of Israel.

“Which one of you sissies will come out to fight me?” Goliath asked with a loud voice that echoes throughout the land.

The men were frightened beyond death.

“I will fight you.”  A small voice replied.

Everyone looked around and around and around.

“Where are you?” The mighty Goliath thundered out.

“I am down here.”

He looked down and saw a little boy with no armor.

“Who are you?” Goliath asked.

“I am Davy Boy,” he replied, “and I have come to fight you.”

Goliath and the entire Philistine army broke out into laughter.

“Do you think this is funny?”  Goliath mocked Davy Boy.  “Do you think that you can defeat me?”

Goliath drew his sword and held it high.  “I have my mighty sword.  With this sword, I can cut the world in two.”

Davy Boy took out his sling and said, “I have this sling, and I come in the name of the Lord, the King of kings and Lord of Lords.”

“Hahaha!”  Goliath mocked him.  “You actually think that you can defeat me with this tiny little sling?”

“Nope,” said Davy Boy.  “I come in the name of the Lord.  When I come in the name of the Lord, the Lord provides.”

Davy reached behind him, and he pulled out a KWC KMB-07HN UZI machine gun.

“Hahaha!” Goliath mocked.  “You do not see my mighty steel armor?”

“I do,” said Davy Boy.  “The Lord provided me with armor piercing bullets.”

And Davy Boy opened fire on Goliath.  The entire Philistine army was scared to death as they watched their big giant fall.  When they saw that Goliath was dead, it scared the pants off of them, and they ran away like sissies leaving their pants behind.

On that day, Davy Boy was a great hero, and his name was remembered throughout the ages.

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