Snow Stars

Peacock Poetry

❄️On Friday lunchtime as Android and I ventured to the shops to procure some shopping, a tiny snowflake landed on my black glove. Nothing particularly unusual given the fact that it had snowed heavily here for the last few days and yet the first time I had actually seen a snowflake in such detail.❄️

❄️ As I gazed at this tiny, sparkling, perfectly formed little jewel I felt completely in awe! It was like looking at the world through a child’s eyes and I felt a deep sense of wonder and so, of course, I wrote about it! ❄️


A snowflake fell upon my glove

Its form; a perfect star

This fallen jewel from up above

White magic’s avatar

This crystal white sure did excite

I loved its pure uniqueness

Although quite delicate and slight

Its presence far from meekness

When we take in the offerings of

the winter’s…

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