Train Station Museum, Woodsboro, Maryland

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad

Old Train Station, Home of the Woodsboro Historical Society, Woodsboro, Maryland

Have you ever heard of the small town of Woodsboro, Maryland? You have not heard of this famous Maryland town known as Woodsboro? Well, most people have never heard of this town to probably include many who live in the region. The town is named after Joseph Wood, a man born in Gloucester, England to whom the land grant was given. The town was laid out in 1786 as Woodsberry. The name changed a few times before it finally became Woodsboro.

Old Train Station and Railroad Line

What major events took place here?

Looking North from Maryland Route 550

As far as it is known, no major historic events took place here. It is the home of two sites on the National Registry of Historic Places. The one site is the LeGore Bridge, and the other site is theā€¦

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