Balloon Ride

House of Heart

The melancholy of endings out of my mind, I follow Renate up the path toward our colorful steed as her hips sway with each step, her sarong accentuating her curves. Yes, this must surely be the wind that moves through his undershirt. He is a kite, a balloon.”

― Anthony Doerr, All the Light We Cannot See

Image Source: US Balloon Team


The Balloon Ride

A Collaboration by Holly Rene Hunter and Hyperion Sturm

Blood Rose

By Holly Rene Hunter

The night is wet

drops of rain glisten

on the slick sidewalks.

In my hurry, I dodge

the dark puddles that

Glisten in the misty glow

of amber street lamps

There is a trace of rosy

blood where I have bitten

my lip but my eyes brim

with life and nonsensical love

When we meet, we smile

and kiss silvery lashes

The taste of blood rose on

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