Riding The Years of Love

Rum and Robots

Poem by Joni Caggiano 12/07/20 – Photograph by Andre Ulyssesdesalis in Pexels

feeling you as the stars are heating our passionate nest with fiery embers
reflecting on our youthful skin, and secret crimson frolics with intensity
chambers in my heart, beating fast, lay unrestricted by your touch
glutinous boundaries of cerulean I sail windlessly through as I clutch
my chest, like your love, at times, is so consuming, it is too much

years turn to decades as the path became imprinted in both of our spirits
thoughts, the sisters of attitude were at times bending us toward black
dividing joint and marrow in our youthful days, she was often there
rigidity, riding like a horse leaving hoof marks on my skin so fair
then God’s love touching you, for now equally yoked in prayer

like tree swallows fading into one heart as earth is with soul and spirit
gray hair…

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