Staying Power

Peacock Poetry

One of the biggest learnings of the Inner Leadership journey that I went on last year was : Stay. I lived this lesson through a very significant day when one of my tribe mates, Lluis Marc, gave up his whole afternoon and evening to Stay at Barcelona airport when my flight was severely delayed. His physical Staying was a metaphor for the fact that certain people in my life would remain whatever. I am so grateful for this and for him. Today’s poem is dedicated to you Lluis Marc my much loved Iguana Brother!


Stay, whatever comes our way

Forget the shape or form

Stay, although we’re far away

It’s how real trust is born

Stay, when things are not o.k

Adapt and find solutions

Stay, when things feel tough and worn

Lean in to evolution

Stay, and we’ll get through our days

We’re stronger and we’re wiser


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