Sea Legs

Peacock Poetry

Whilst attempting to categorise the zillions of poetry in my iPhone notes section I came across the following ditty. It made me smile and feel a touch melancholic at the same time as it feels like such a long time since I was last able to breath in sea air!

The Salty Sailor

The Salty Sailor said few words

His hands did all the speaking

Besides his tipsy vowels were slurred

His holey boots were leaking

And naval rum was his best chum

They‘d weathered life together

Life out at sea could be humdrum

So glum when you’re in tethers

The Salty Sailor’s face was tanned

A red-brown bag of leather

Now that he had returned to land

He hoped he’d stay forever

But as the salt came to a holt

His landlocked legs grew idle

The Salty Sailor made a bolt

Back to a life more tidal

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