Brave Waves

Peacock Poetry

A couple of weeks ago whilst walking in the heavy rain, I began connecting to my resilience. All sorts of powerful images were coming to mind and I couldn’t wait to capture them into the notes section of my phone and write a poem. Just at the point of completion the raindrops on my phone jammed the delete key and my whole poem was erased! I returned home deflated and then decided, in the true spirit of resilience to write the thing again. It came out differently and yet I still felt happy and, more importantly, expressed!


Thrash me hard into the walls against the storm raged pier

Smash me down, I’ll take it all, and still I’ll reappear

Scrape my legs against the rocks, push my head in the sand

My soul has seen a thousand knocks, each time I fall, I stand

Engulf me with your reckless…

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