A Touch of Holly

Five feet of snow had fallen outside, and the snow was still falling.  We were in cabin out in the woods of Upstate New York.  I was sitting on the couch looking out the front window with a lovely redhead lady named Holly.  We could hear the cold winds blowing hard against the house.

            “It looks like we are stuck here for a long while,” I said.

            “I don’t want to stay here for days,” Holly complained.  “I want to go to the beach and put my toes in the sand.”

            “I know,” I told her, “but the weather is going to be like this for a long while.  The snow is not melting anytime soon.  We are stuck here.”

            Holly began to contemplate.  As she sat on the couch in her gray sweatshirt, blue jeans and fuzzy hat with her bare feet on the coffee table, she glanced outside and looked down and peeked outside again.

            “I know what to do,” Holly said as she got up off the couch.

            “What are you doing?”  I was very puzzled.

            “Watch me.”  She grabbed her coat and slipped it on.

            As she grabbed the doorknob, I blurted, “Its cold outside.”

            She looked down at her bare feet.  “Watch me!”

            She opened the door allowing a rush of cold air to blast in.  She put her foot upon the snow bank that was against the door, and the snow began to melt.  The snow melted on the porch.  She took another step onto the snowy ground.  With every step she took, the snow melted under her feet.  I watched as she walked away from the cabin, and the snow was melting everyone.  Within a short moment, the snow melted completely, and the leaves grew on the trees.  It was like it was summer.  She walked back to me and kissed me.

            “How did you do that?”  I was dumbfounded.

            “All it needed was a touch of Holly.”  She smiled.

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