Fond Farewells

Peacock Poetry

Letting go of old stories allows us to release what is no longer serving us and to let in the new. It can give us a chance to reframe and begin again from a different perspective. Yesterday I began a letting go process by releasing a branch into the river Birs and it turned out to be a very cathartic experience!

River Release

I threw a branch into the falls

The river caught it gladly

It passed by in no time at all

This moment needed badly

A rose-like branch, yet dry and blanched

for too long I had grasped it

We have to give ourselves a chance

to break free from fear’s casket

There is a peace when I release

the stories that I cling to

The letting go brings a new lease

of life and more comes in too

Detachment helps break down the walls

The river flows…

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