Blessed Rest

Peacock Poetry

I love to be getting involved in projects and expending my eccentric energy in every way possible! Sometimes though, nature looks at me as if to say “Slow down for a bit and take a look” and I know better than not to listen. One such moment happened at the end of a jog this weekend when the river pulled me towards it like a magnet, encouraging me to sit back on a bench and admire. And so I did!

Easy Feeling

Lay back into the morning sun

There’s now to do but feeling

From our selves we must not run

Although escape’s appealing

Observe the turns, you’ll live and learn

The river flows whatever

Our peace we do not have to earn

To be is no endeavour

Sit back and breathe the smoky wisps

of golden bliss, remember

Soon winter’s voice both cold and crisp

will freeze this sweet…

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