Rough and Ready

Peacock Poetry

Although much of my recent poetry has been about feeling grateful in nature, I have felt the need to connect with less mindful themes from time to time! In my coaching work I love helping women to reconnect to their wild, free and expressive selves and this poem cane about whilst pondering on the untamed female self whilst roaming the hills!

Wild Child

Just because you packaged away

that rebellious red-head

and her tarty little leather skirt, don’t think she left you!

She is still there wriggling beneath your sensible sweater, pulling at the hem of your just-right jeans

like a bitch on heat

She has longings you know.

She wants to dangle from your ears like a frenzied chandelier

and ruffle up your ridiculous little bob until

it can no longer be recognised

She wants to pierce into your belly button and swagger your hips

and swing from your…

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