Daniel’s Story

Daniel Paul was a man who enjoyed writing stories. He wrote stories of all genres for children and adults, and he wrote stories that were serious and stories that were funny. He was always either typing on his computer or on his laptop. Every time he thought about something, he immediately took out his laptop or went to his computer and started typing his thoughts. He was always thrilled to get his stories written down.

Daniel was going to a writing course that he had enrolled in. He entered the class. The instructor was sitting at his desk. He saw Daniel and looked at him with extreme anger.

“You better not be coming to my class,” the instructor fiercely spoke.

Daniel looked at the instructor and asked him, “Is this the Introduction to Story Writing class?”

“Yes, it is,” the instructor angrily snarled, “and it is only for people who write stories.”

“That is what I’m here for,” said Daniel.

“Don’t waste my time,” the instructor spurted out.

Daniel walked over to him, and he saw the instructor’s eyes red with fury. He reached out his hand.  “I am Daniel.”

The instructor slapped Daniel’s hand. “You are very pathetic.”

“But you have never seen me before,” said Daniel.

“You are an idiot,” instructor became more infuriated. “I know everything about you and that you are nothing but pure garbage. Get out of my class.”

“But I paid to be here,” said Daniel. “If I cannot come to class, I would have to get a refund.”

“Don’t make a fool of me,” instructor sarcastically snarled. “You are the idiot. You are the moron. I know everything about success, and I already know that you do not have the ability to succeed.”

“You won’t know until I try,” Daniel pondered.

“Don’t try,” instructor stood up and stared Daniel in the eyes. “You will be a complete failure. If you are stupid enough to stay in this class, I will personally see to it that the world knows that you are nothing but a complete moron. Take a seat but stay away from me.”

Daniel walked away from the instructor, and he went to a desk that was in the back of the room. He sat down and made a big puff with his breath. As he sat there, he thought about how the instructor was going to treat him.

Moments later, everyone was in class. The instructor stood in front of everyone and, with anger in his voice, said, “Welcome to Introduction to Story Writing. I am Mr. Deckins. Before we get started, I just want to tell you that some of you are just wasting your time being in this room.  You should not even be here in the first place, but because you are here, I will see to it that those who do not belong here get run out of this class.”

Mr. Deckins spent most of the class time bashing certain students with Daniel the one he bashed most often. About forty minutes into the class, a student stood up and said to Mr. Deckins, “Wait a minute. I thought that you are supposed to instruct us on how to write stories. It seems to me that the only thing that you know how to do is trash people who you think are going to fail. I paid to learn about story writing and not about how so and so cannot be a storyteller.”

“I am the leader of this class,” Mr. Deckins shook his finger at the student. “If you don’t like what I’m doing, go screw yourself! At no time are you ever to tell me that I am wrong. I teach this class my way, and if I think that you cannot cut the mustard, I will fail you.”

Mr. Deckins continued in his bashing of certain students.

The class time came to an end, and Mr. Deckins stopped and paused.

“You will have two weeks to complete your first story,” Mr. Deckins said with fury. “I already know that those of you that I mentioned should not even bother because I know that your story will be full of bologna anyway. Get out of my class.”

Everyone got up and started leaving the classroom. As Daniel was walking out, he looked at Mr. Deckins, and Mr. Deckins shook his fist at him. Daniel just shook his head and walked out of the room.


Two weeks went by. Daniel was sitting at his desk waiting for class to start. Mr. Deckins went in front of the class, and he stomped his foot.

“Alright you punks,” he infuriatedly spoke. “Your story is due. Since I do not feel like seeing you today, you can just hand me your story and go home.”

One by one, the students picked up their things, and they walked up to Mr. Deckins to hand him their story. As each student handed in their story, Mr. Deckins looked at it making snide little comments to them before slamming it on his desk. When Daniel arrived at Mr. Deckins’ desk, he handed him his story. Mr. Deckins snatched it from his hand.

“What is this?” he asked shaking the papers in the air.

“This is my story,” said Daniel.

“What kind of garbage is this?” asked Mr. Deckins.

“Aren’t you going to read it?” asked Daniel.

Mr. Deckins looked at the title page of Daniel’s story.

“‘Billy Can Do It’,” Mr. Deckins snarled. “This has got to be the most ignorant piece of trash in the history of writing.”

Mr. Deckins furiously tossed the story out of a nearby window. Daniel became upset. “You could have at least looked at it.”

Mr. Deckin pointed to the door. “Out! Get out and stay out! I don’t want to ever see your filthy, dirty, disgusting, hideous, rotten face in my class ever again!”

Daniel felt discouraged. He turned away from Mr. Deckins and walked out of the class with his head down.


As was mentioned earlier, Daniel’s story was thrown out of a window, but it was caught by the wind, and the wind carried the story through the air. The wind continued to carry his story until it landed on the windshield of a Rolls Royce, but it was not just any Rolls Royce. This Rolls Royce belonged to Peter Dellings, a big-time writer of stories, plays, and major movies. It just happened to be that Peter Dellings was visiting the school on that day looking for great stories. After spending half a day at the school, Peter and his assistant, Wendy Zyrn, stormed out of the school.

“This was a complete waste of my time,” said a furious Peter Dellings. “Not one of those students could tell a story.”

“I cannot tell whether they have teachers who cannot teach or students who cannot learn,” said Wendy. “I just could not understand how toe fungus grows and becomes a superhero.”

“That is not as bad as the story with the superheroes whose names we cannot mention,” Peter said, “and he wanted to sell that as a children’s story. Every sane parent in America would go out and buy explosives to blow him up.”

They arrived at the Rolls Royce, and they got into the vehicle. Mr. Dellings was about to start the car, but he saw some papers on his windshield.

“What is this?” Peter was curious.

He got out of the car. He grabbed the papers from the windshield, and he got back into the car. He looked at the title page.

“‘Billy Can Do It,’” said Mr. Dellings. “I wonder what this is about.”

He turned to the next page and started reading. He turned to the second page, and he turned to the third page.

“Read this,” Peter handed the story to Wendy. “This is very good.”

Wendy took it and started reading. She turned to the second page and said, “This is great.  I wonder who wrote this.”

“The name is on the cover page,” said Peter.

Wendy turned to the cover page.

“Daniel Paul,” said Wendy. “He probably left it on the windshield so that you would read it.”

“I don’t think so,” said Peter. “It would have been neatly placed. This appears as if one of their teachers tried to toss it away.”

“But this is a good and well written story,” Wendy continued to read. “Why would they toss this? I wonder if they even read it.”

Peter looked around, and he saw an open window above them.

“The way they teach here,” he said looking at the window, “I think that this student should be teaching them. I would ask inside, but the secretary is clueless to what is right in front of her.  We can look him up in the phone book. I am pretty sure he’s listed.”

He started the car, and they went on their way.


Daniel arrived at his apartment that afternoon very depressed. He entered his apartment, and he saw Kara, his live-in girlfriend, sitting in the dining room reading a newspaper with her bare feet on the dining room table.

“What happened?” he heard her ask.

“He threw it out without reading it,” Daniel spurted out as he was slowly walking by the table. “He kept telling me that I was a hideous moron, and he failed me today.”

“He’s a worthless pig,” she said as he slowly walked by. “He hated you before he knew who you ever were. Somebody will read it and love it.”

“He threw it out the window without even looking at it,” he said with frustration.

“Does your instructor do anything other than tell you that you are a worthless piece of garbage?” she asked setting down the paper. “He appears to be an instructor who cannot instruct anybody on anything.”

“I’ve had it,” said Daniel as he was leaving the room. “I’m going to bed.”

Daniel continued out of the dining room.

“It will get better,” she said. “I know it will.”

Daniel continued to his room and closed the door behind him.


Days later, Kara was sitting on the couch in the living room with her bare feet on the coffee table reading the newspaper. As she was reading, she heard the doorbell. She walked over to the door, and she looked through the peep hole seeing a man and a woman standing outside wearing very expensive clothing. She first thought that it might be the police or the IRS, but she realized that neither of them would be wearing expensive clothing. She opened the door.

“May I help you?” Kara smiled at them.

“I was told that Daniel Paul lives here,” the man replied.

“Yes he does,” Kara was concerned.

“Did he write this?” the man asked as he took out a copy of Daniel’s story and gave it to her.

Kara looked at Daniel’s story, and she became emotional.

“Yes he did,” a tear rolled down her face. “This is his story.”

“My name is Peter Dellings,” he reached out his hand. “This is my assistant, Wendy Zyrn.”

“The Peter Dellings?” Kara asked with great emotion.

“That is correct,” he replied. “We have read the story, and we would like to make it into a movie.”

Kara was excited. She took out her cell phone and tried to call Daniel, but he did not answer.

“He’s not answering his phone,” Kara sighed. “He might be over at the park. He spends a lot of time there. Let’s go get him. Follow me.”

Kara went out of the apartment pulling the door closed behind her.


Daniel was sitting on a bench looking down at the ground. He was feeling down about himself, and he felt a big hug. Daniel looked and saw Kara with a big smile on her face.

“What are you doing here?” Daniel was very puzzled at her excitement.

“You should be asking us that question,” Peter said standing behind the bench with Wendy Zyrn standing beside him.

Daniel quickly stood up and looked behind him, and he saw Peter Dellings and Wendy Zyrn standing there before him.

“You must be Daniel Paul,” Peter said reaching out his hand.

Daniel, who was very shocked to see Peter Dellings standing before him.

“Yes I am,” Daniel slowly slurred out.

Peter showed Daniel his story and said, “I found this on the windshield of my car. I don’t know how it got there, but we read it, and it is a great story. I think that this will be a huge money maker. I want your permission to use this story.”

Daniel just stood there completely speechless.

“I don’t think that he can respond right now,” Kara spoke out, “but I think his answer is ‘yes’.”

“Thank you,” said Mr. Dellings. “We can begin shooting in a week. Daniel, when he finally comes around, can discuss with my assistant about payment, and it will be a big one.”

Mr. Dellings and Ms. Zyrn went away. Daniel was still speechless.

“See,” she said with her arm around him. “I told you that somebody will read it.”


Within a week, Daniel negotiated a deal of payment. Months later, the movie began shooting, and the shooting lasted three months. The finalizing took another two months. About a month later, there was a special viewing where Daniel was honored.


Six months later, his story made its way to the movie theaters where it was the top movie for three months before it was finally edged out by another movie. While it was number one at the box office, it grossed over one billion dollars.


In about eighteen months, Daniel became a big star. His story was the first of many stories that he would write, and people constantly asked him for more. It took a little while for him to get used to the popularity, but he managed it very well.


Mr. Deckins, unfortunately, did not take it very well. He was fired after the institution learned of how he treated Daniel. He ended up getting a job as a cleaning man. Every time he saw Daniel, he became angry even when Daniel tried to help him out. He later ended up in prison.


Daniel and Kara were sitting in a Corvette convertible next to a lake. Daniel was sitting in the driver’s seat while Kara was sitting in the passenger seat with her head on his shoulders and her bare feet on the dashboard.

“So,” said Kara, “What are we going to do now?”

“I don’t know,” replied Daniel. “We could get a larger place. We could travel.”

“We could use the money to help others in need,” said Kara. “We could travel and bring those who are in need with us.”

“That’s a thought,” replied Daniel.

No matter what they did with the money that they made, Daniel and Kara lived happily ever after. This is a story about a man who wrote a story that inspired many, and the fact that he inspired many people is what inspired him to continue to write more stories. He became successful in his writing, but he never forgot about the people who gave him that success.

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