Captain Good Man

It was fifty five o’clock in the morning in Vangrove City.  All was quiet.

Meanwhile, Mark Boos was sitting in his library when he got a call.

“Captain Good Man.  This is the commissioner.  The Evil Doctor Evilgood is about to vaporize the city.  You must stop him this instance.”

“You can count on me.  Doctor Evilgood will be stopped.”

Mark Boos went to the bathroom.  He flipped the lever on the toilet, and the secret room appeared.

“This is a job for Captain Good Man.”

Immediately, Mark Boos was Captain Goodman.  He went to the Goodmobile… and saw that it was up on blocks.


Fudd the faithful mechanic came out.

“Why is the Goodmobile on blocks?”

“Well, it needed new tires.  I went to the tire shop, and they said that it will take three weeks to get the tires.”

“The Evil Doctor Evilgood is about to vaporize Vangrove City, and I must stop him.”

“Why don’t you call the Evil Doctor Evilgood to wait three weeks so that you can get the new tires on the Goodmobile so that that will have enough time to stop him?”

“I will have to use the Goodcopter.”

Captain Good Man went to the Goodcopter and pressed the ignition button… over to hear a slight crank… and then nothing.

“Oh.  The battery is dead on the Goodcopter.  They said that I could order a new battery as soon as the tires for the Goodmobile arrive.”

“Oh great.  Now I have to use the Goodboat.”

“Don’t bother.  Me and Will went fishing last week.  We hit a rock and it sank to the bottom of the river.  I did call the Quick Fast Boat Shop where they can get us a boat quick and fast, and they said that we can have a brand new boat in six months.”

“What am I supposed to do now?”

“I can call a taxi.”

Fudd the faithful mechanic called a taxi.  When the taxi arrived, Captain Good Man got in.  After driving around for many hours, they arrived at the Evil Doctor Evilgood who was sitting on a lawn chair next to the Gemagon Blaster drinking a beer.

“Oh Captain Goodman.  You’re too late.  I vaporized the city six hours ago.  You can enjoy a beer with me if you’d like.”

Well, the city was vaporized.  Captain Good Man failed to save the day, and he had to pay a $1,000,000 cab fare to a driver who had no clue to where he was going.  If anything went Captain Good Man’s way today, it was the fact that he would not have to hear the fierce anger from the commissioner.  He had no city to save.  He would have to find another city.

This has been an exciting episode of Captain Good Man.  Join us next week when Captain Good Man takes on the Giving Thief.

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