Nature’s Nurture

Peacock Poetry

Yesterday after the working day was done I felt the need to be on my own in nature and so ventured up to the forest. The daylight had already began to fade and there was a lovely sense of solitude which I really needed. Lots of grief feelings surfaced and what better place for these to be held than in the arms of the trees?

Fall’s Holding

To find a place where no one goes

and I can be with you

Held by November’s knowing glow

Is what helps me get through

To rest between the shedding trees

where autumn leaves are tossed

Allows my spirit to set free

For I feel so much loss

You sketch the sky Hawaii blue

You trace my steps, unfailing

The ones that get us are but few

The rest to dust are paling

The forest wisdom always knows

The signs always on cue

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