Lonely Children

Rum and Robots

Poem by Joni Caggiano – Photograph Pixabay (40 second read)

Trees wrap resilient arms tenderly around small children, who are crying out for hugs—haunted by lost memories of holding hands of friends and delivering laughter with loved ones they no longer see. Like fledglings with young minds, they wonder why the world they know, without warning, is experiencing a metamorphosis.  

Clapping and swinging their long and formidable arms, the forest becomes their friends. When heaven’s stars are dim, fireflies, fairies and blue butterflies play their enchanting but vital part—emerging in abundance, creating lit paths for little ones to walk, while surrendering soft prayers. Blue notes play songs of appreciation as flutes and trumpets send soft blows into sheer rapture.

Nature’s heart drifts within vivid yellow silken threads holding notes as they travel in hot air balloons reaching all those who feel lonely. Many rooms are red and yellow from sunset…

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