Heart of The Water

Rum and Robots

Poem by Joni Caggiano – Beautiful Photograph by Jung Ho Park

You held my heart in a cage underwater for a year
Mermaids spent time loving and entertaining my spirit
Did you save even the smallest bit of fondness for me
Was it because my skin was blue or because
Yellow flowers would spring from cement cracks where I would walk

My face was a ruby to you that first year
When you did occasionally make love to me
Seams would come apart in my body
Glue could not contain my passion or desire for more 
Like a puppet, I did appear, for I surrendered to you my youth, and my joy

In time the lock on the cage did rust
My heart now beats to the rhythm of the sea, and I feel love
In an old green bottle, I place a perfect black pearl inside
A mermaid took…

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