Deep Dive

Peacock Poetry

Yesterday I had an amazing massage which allowed me to sink so deeply in my body that I felt as if I was in another realm! Needless to say, it was tough to resurface again at the end of the massage and so I decided to write about my experience in order to keep the energy of it in my Being a little longer!


In the safe, night-blue sea of profundity

I swim in slow strokes, gently scuffing the warm waves

Here there is spaciousness.

It is quiet,

and I can even hear the tiny hairs upon my neck

as they squeal in serene satisfaction…




I am the wise wisdom of an ancient whale.

The silent knowing of a sacred seashell.

I am the speechless holding of the Deep Blue.

Calm and tender and happily alone.

Penetrating the endless depths of solitude

in gentle curiosity


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