Pure Joy

Peacock Poetry

When I slow down and notice the countless small things to be grateful for I feel joyful. Blissful even. It is in this noticing that I feel closer to divinity and reconnect again with what really matters. The more grateful I am, the more joyful I feel and when we infect the world with joy, everything is possible. This week’s podcast episode is also about Joy (link below poem). Migena and I discovered that the more we talked about joyful states, the more we found ourselves bathing in joyful energy! Where do you find joy?


Each breath we take’s a miracle

Each day awake, a gift

The joy of life, empirical

Our thankfulness uplifts

Each bird that flies can liberate

Each raindrop can refresh

Life’s now, do not deliberate

No time to second guess

Let nature drive you lyrical

Make peace and heal the rifts

Each breath we take’s…

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