Monsters Exist

Rum and Robots

Poem by Joni Caggiano – Photo by Nazrin B-va (Unsplash) 28 second read

small was the wooden boat where I lay
in the pond of my youth
red was the color of the water each day
for my tears carried the truth

sunshine filled the boat where secrets hid
my pole and bobber bright red
kept me company, as I was five, a good kid
I feared they wished I was dead

monsters did exist, and often I saw two
with God in the boat alone
and my little doll Sally who also knew
oh, how I pray to be grown

until then, I will float in my own sorrow
the fish will bite at the bait
God will tell me about my tomorrow
and angels will sing of my fate

This piece is a dedication to any children or teenagers who are in an abusive home. Every once in…

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