Dancing Among Moonflowers

Rum and Robots

Poem by Joni Caggiano 09/12/20 – Picture by Miriam Espacio – Pexels.com

time openly waltzed on the summit of passionate flames, arising from dry oak
red and purple sparks created shadows in the woodlands
exploring each detail of her rare beauty, his heart leaped whenever she spoke

longing for her to dance tonight as the full blue moon accented her pale skin
a ballerina whose pointed toes never stirred another’s eyes
vivid stars lodging in the heavens yearned to be near the places she had been

blue silk barely hid the flesh of her ample curves, as she danced on top of sand
white moonflowers circled her tiny feet to light her way
their love had brought them here years ago, to this lush, magical and vast land

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One thought on “Dancing Among Moonflowers

  1. Hi John, Nice to meet you. I was just reading Joni’s beautiful poem and thought I’d drop in to introduce myself. I’ll look for more of your posts. Do you you have another site as well?
    Have a good day and visit sometime. Be well, Cindy

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