Softer Season

Peacock Poetry

Yesterday afternoon after a lovely walk along the river with a dear friend, I decided to sit on a bench and soak up that late afternoon sun. There were of course a thousand other things which I should have been doing but I’m a strong believer in grabbing blissful moments and appreciating life. As the heat of the summer morphs into the mellowness of autumn, something inside me begins to soften too.

Tender Tones

Feel the sun upon your cheeks as autumn light descends

Within you’ll find the warmth you seek, fierce summer was no friend

Settle in to who you are now that the season’s ending

Inside yourself you’ve come so far, look at the signs you’re sending

Bathe beneath the mellow shine, be conscious of your glowing

This is a gorgeous golden time, your radiance is flowing

When you’re aligned your presence speaks, your impact never ends


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