Play Away!

Peacock Poetry


Being playful helps me to deal with all manner of challenges in my life. When I view whatever it is I am facing into with playfulness, so many more possibilities open up to me. In this week’s episode of the Untaming Femininity Podcast, Migena Gjerazi and I talk about the perks and pitfalls of playfulness. I would love to know how being playful helps you? Tune in for our weekly dose of depth, lightness and heartfelt shares!


I am the cartwheel that dances with life 

I am up I am down, I am bliss I am strife

I have colourful, loveable imagination

Capturing feeling with every rotation

Grasping so high and spinning so free

My soul is mischievous, twirling with glee

Sometimes I land with a bump on the ground

But spring to my feet as I hear my heart pound

Embracing the impact and flipping it round

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