A Meeting with Reggie

It was a very cloudy day in the countryside.  Mike and Tiffany were taking a walking down a gravel road.  Mike was dressed in his flannel shirt, jeans and boots.  Tiffany was wearing her black shirt, blue jeans with the bottoms rolled up holding her sandals by the straps swinging them back and forth as she walked barefoot along the road.  They came upon a dog that was sitting in the grass next to the road watching them as they were approaching.

“What a cute little dog,” Tiffany pointed.

“You are the most gorgeous woman in the history of time.”

“Why thank you.”  She kissed him on the cheek.

“What was that about?”  Mike was totally confused.

“For calling me the most beautiful woman in the history of time,” she smiled.  “You have never told me that before.”

“What do you mean?”  He was more confused.  “I didn’t say anything.”

“You didn’t?”  Tiffany was surprised.  “Who said…”

“Gladly to introduce myself,” the dog snuck up to them to shake his hand.  “I am Reggie.”

They both stood there dumbfounded.

“Please don’t tell me that you have never met a talking dog before,” Reggie stood before them.

“Am I dreaming,” Mike slurred out, “or is this dog talking to us?”

“We must be having the exact same dream.”  Tiffany gave Reggie a dazed look.

“You all are acting as if you have never had a dog talk to you before.” Reggie took out his glasses and put them on his face.

“Great!”  Mike was completely dumbfounded.  “A dog wearing glasses.”

“I need them to see, you know.”  Reggie noticed their strange looks on their faces.  “Anyway, let me tell you my story.  I was once a puppy just like any other dog.  It was then that I was taken from my parents and sent off to London, England to live with the Royal Family.”

“But you don’t have a British accent,” said Tiffany.  “You talk like us.”

“Well,” said Reggie, “I never really developed one.  Anyway, I was there inside Buckingham Palace.  I ate with the Royal Family, and I slept in a nice warm bed.  Kate would kiss me every night as she tucked me in.”

“Come on,” Mike shook his head.  “You really expect us to believe that crap.  If you were with the Royal family in Britain, you would not be here.”

“Reggie,” a woman’s voice with a British accent cried out.  “Where are you?”

“I’m over here,” Reggie replied.  “I was just talking to some new friend I just made.”

Mike and Tiffany were flabbergasted as the woman came running down the road.

“How did you…” she began to ask.

“I was just getting a little fresh air,” Reggie took a big breath.

“We were worried about you,” she began to put the leash around his neck.  “You know how Kate will feel if I lost you.”

“Kate?”  Tiffany had a stunned look on her face.

“Sorry,” the woman came to them.  “I am Pippa.  Kate Middleton, the Duchess of York, is my sister.”

She shook their hands, and they continued to stand there flabbergasted.

“Sorry for all of the confusion,” Pippa said.

“That’s O.K.”  Tiffany said.  “He was a nice dog.”

“I hope he did not tell you that story of fighting the Japanese in Iwo Jima.”

“Oh come on,” said Reggie.  “Everyone likes that story.”

“It’s rubbish,” said Pippa as she picked him up.  “Come on, boy.  We are going home.”

“Shucks,” Reggie said as he was being carried away.  “I was having fun with these great people.”

“You have a great day,” Pippa turned back to see them.

“It was nice to meet you, Reggie,” Tiffany waved goodbye.

Mike and Tiffany watched as Pippa and Reggie walked down the road.  Reggie looked back and waved his paw.

“I’m going to miss him,” Tiffany wept.  “He was such a good dog.”


It was a bright and sunny day.  Mike and Tiffany were taking a walk through a park.  Tiffany has walking barefoot holding her shoes in her hand.  They looked ahead and saw a dog sitting lying down on the grass.  The dog stared at them.

“I wonder what he’s going to tell us,” Mike pondered.

“Wait a minute,” the dog had a stunned look on his face.  “How did you know that I talk?”

Here we go again.

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