Coming and Going

Peacock Poetry

Much of the suffering that we experience in life is associated with clinging to what is no longer the same. Change is the only real inevitably in life and yet we buck against it, frightened of what it calls us forth to be. When we let go and accept change, we naturally evolve and life can flow again. In what areas of your life do you need to let go of the reins a little?


What matters, will return to you

Why grip on to the tethers?

When we let go, the new comes through

Just “not for now” not “never”

What matters, is a mutual pull

and it will seek you out

You need not play the helpless fool

Trust on and quash the doubts

When I let go then I refuel

The tide goes in and out

Detachment is a useful tool

Fixation brings us nowt


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