River Wisdom

Peacock Poetry

Every time that I jog passed the powerful part of the river Birs featured below, I feel compelled to stop and inhale the energy! Yesterday, as I made my riverside pit stop, it was almost as if the river was tumbling forth with snippets of wisdom and I decided to create a poem out of what it was saying to me!

Rapid Flow

You’re coming on in leaps and bounds

Your surging forth, outpouring

So breathe it in and stand your ground

Your life is far from boring

You’re taking some gigantic steps

Some clumsy and some brilliant

Not living as the world expects

Self-love makes us resilient

Beside this river I have found

a flow that’s reassuring

I’m coming on in leaps and bounds

I’m surging forth, outpouring

Photo : https://www.etsy.com/listing/663248202/river-wisdom-metal-sign-river-life-river

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