You were Saying…

Peacock Poetry

It’s funny how old sayings stick in the mind and can become a mind of subconscious rule that we abide. For years, due to one particular saying, I never wore blue and green together but in recent years I have deliberately done so. Many sayings contain a great deal of wisdom if course, but it’s good to challenge what we are holding to be true from time to time!

Colour Clash

Blue and green should never be seen

There’s freedom when we don’t obey

To go where others have not been

Can bring amazement to the day

May we not fear what they deem weird

For inside we are all the same

and from what’s strange joy can appear

Life is a many coloured game

Diversity’s a rainbow gleam

Let us not fade in shades of grey

Let blue and green be proudly seen

May freedom guide us on our…

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