Not always a Crowd

Peacock Poetry

They say that two’s company and three’s a crowd but this wasn’t the case during a special conversation with two tribe mates recently. During our call there was a very precious quality to our heart sharing which could be felt by each of us equally prompting me to write about the magical triangle formation that we experienced that day!


Our trinity completes with ease

Each corner cupped by supportive hands

leaning into generous lines of tender thread

Nothing obtuse or right-angled

An alignment that is held firm by the fluid oscillation of our leaning

Giving and receiving in silent unison

Inviting my heart to reveal its full face,

encouraged by the grace of

holy humility

The pillars of trust plant our bond

into safe soil

Together we uplift and expand

into a plan much bigger than we even realise

Between us the movement is slow

and stylised

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