Sprinkle of Gold

Rum and Robots

Poem by Joni Caggiano written on August 1, 2020 – Photo by Mathieu Olivares – Unsplash

a trail of love springs forth with morning glories
as rain disperses drops, on steaming, searing sand
temperate waves leave kisses on briny shores
alike a ring placed on the ankle of a new bride
moonlight is tasting the glitter of dusk in Valencia
an artist captures musical notes and the hearts
of women dancers, on canvas, his wife, and one true lady love
mermaids sprinkle gold on their pale skin
while braiding memories interlocked in bright orange locks
fishers bring in their catch; sunburned tourist dance on the docks
God mixes taste and sounds of nature, life, and love upon His lands
while a little one kneels beside her bed, saying prayers with folded hands

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