Striking Soldier

Rum and Robots

Poem by Joni Caggiano written 7/30/20 – Photo by Isabella Mariana from Pexels

(one minute read)

dark the liner underneath her emerald green eyes
sorted whispers exchanged in a smoke-filled hollow
cloaked in sadness, she journeys to the bar that floats in the air
walls of black notes isolate reality in a bluesy canvas
money cannot buy her escape, not this earthy evening
stirring within her nose, the sting of hospital air still tarries
dressing to be gazed upon, she appears like a tightly wrapped
blue-red butterfly,
as silk embraces her youthful body
smells of musk and vanilla linger on skin that melts bitterly
shadows of memories claw at her like piercing intruders
muscular is the jaw of the man who lingers close, uncommitted
approaching boldly, she licks her bare lips, sitting halfway on a stool
exposing too much of her young firm thighs
he orders her a drink, nodding…

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