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Peacock Poetry

I often find that when I have a strong inner dialogue going on, it is time to write. A few days ago I was walking by the river and I began remembering some of the phrases that people repeatedly say about me. These words flowed very naturally into a poetic piece and allowed me to express a theme which would have otherwise remained within.


As a child, I often got told

“You are wise beyond your years”

“You are an old head on young shoulders”

“People bend your ears”

(My name, Samantha, is Aramaic for “Listener” it even turns out)

As an adult, people tell me

“You’re a big kid at heart”

“You’ll never grow up”

“You inspire me to connect to my inner child”

and my playful creativity allows me to deal with all manner of challenges

We are wise and childlike, deep and light and so much…

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