Respite for Nature

Rum and Robots

Poem written by Joni Caggiano on 7/25/20 – Photo by Denny Franzkowiak – Pixabay

As seagulls glide, splitting the air into fragments, of memories, giving birth
Effortlessly, like angels fluff their feathers when flying above mother earth

Heartbeats heard in tiny hummingbirds, melodic with the song of the oak trees
Ripe fruit, beckons the fowl, in the light of the sun, as red daylilies bring bees

Anoles climbing vines, puffing their dewlaps trying to excite a female to mate
Stunning the luna moth hasn’t even a mouth, yet hides with his midnight date

Cicadas emerging after a seventeen-year slumber, chirping to spice the sultry air
While a spirited squirrel buries his food, near a landmark, with memory and care

Puss caterpillar covered with shaggy locks of brown hair, with his venomous sting
Children search for the veiled monarch and seek pictures of her forgotten wing

Tiny wrens singing passionately, swift…

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