Plea for Grace

Rum and Robots


Poem Written by Joni Caggiano on 07/23/20 – Painting Courtesy of Birmingham Museum via

Open is my pounding heart as raw emotions; I do so often share
Stunned by your compassion, God, for our love, hope, and prayer
Intense your light, as on my knees Lord, You often find me there

Like David to Goliath, Paul to Nero, and John in a pot of boiling oil,
If just a trace of their faith had I, to preach, suffer and to daily toil
Or to feel the vast loss, of Job, or suffer the intense pain of one boil

Oh my God, my Savior, our blessed Jesus, I pray You hear my plea
I know my Lord you gave a command and parted the great Red Sea
Forgive me Lord; humbly I pray from this enemy, please set us free

From my worldly ways, lack of love for our earth…

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