Opportune Snacks

Peacock Poetry

After a lovely hike on Monday I returned home to discover that my body had been, unbeknown to me, used as a feeding station for the local mosquitoes! Indeed the little buggers had bitten into just about every area of skin imaginable, even having the audacity of piercing through my zebra leggings and gnawing into my legs! I wrote about it, as you do, which at least allowed me to connect with the humour in the situation!

New Bites

I am a victim of the bites

of several hundred mozzies

Although today is warm and bright

I’m loathe to wear my cozzie

Where’er I’ve been, they always win

into fresh blood, come pushing

They love my pasty English skin

I feel like a pin cushion!

Can’t help but scratch the angry rash

Drew says to Hot Cross Bun them

My legs a bright pink dotted clash

Onlookers, I will stun…

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