Day Trippers

Peacock Poetry

This week young Andrew and I are having a Staycation and plan to be near water most days. Yesterday we headed down to the lovely Lac de la Gruyère which makes up for in rugged authenticity what it lacks in tourist amenities! As I write this post on the train, my legs feel nicely tired, my cheeks still feel warm from the sun and, better still, I get to go home and sleep in my own bed. You can’t say fairer than that, hey?

Wild Wander

Corona masks we had to wear

Upon the train to Lake Gruyère

The sun showed up with kindly rays

and soon our hike was underway

Some forest turns, around the lake

A rural zone – make no mistake

Where natural tones and wild prevailed

We looked for snacks – to no avail!

and as we reached the midway point

My hangry nose put out…

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